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AL-ASARA TEHREEK-E-TALEEM, as applicable to National Capital Territory od Delhi and all the other states of India established in the year 2006 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, Government of India, strives for innovative solutions to combat social issues. The organization is a unique blend of young, energetic, and dynamic professionals with in depth understanding of the developmental sector. The problems faced by rural unprivileged classes is the inspiration of our endeavor which is reflected in our mission and vision statement....




Health Solution


Hygiene Solution


Women Empowerment


Eco Solution


To develop an optimal mechanism for the Rural Society especially deprived sections, with the commitment for sustainable livelihood & improved quality of life which is achieved through different developmental programs & effective application of local resources in association with community.


Holistic development of the society based on Equity, Justice, Transparency and Sustainability.


The overall objective of the society is to improve the quality of life for poor people through information and services in different areas of work like education, health and sanitation, integrated livelihood, sustainable agriculture, skill development, Natural Resource Management and Women empowerment.


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The scenario of Education for the children is poor and there are children who are still denied....

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Health & Sanitation

Health is very precious things that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted....

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Women Empowerment

Women empowerment mainly refers to the practice of making women independent so that they .....

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Skill Development

skills development follows the same trend. Nowadays, competition has been the hallmark in every corporate....

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Our Society now coming with an idea of new projects like charitable hostel for the both boy and girls.

The children’s hostel provides safe accommodation for young girls from rural areas and remote villages. Many of these girls come from situations where they would not be able to attend school regularly. Apart from being a safe place to stay, girls are provided with nourishing meals, clothing, personal needs, school uniforms, medical care and transportation to their schools or courses. All the girls are motivated to complete their schooling. Planning to open charitable hostel at uttar pradesh baraut, baghpat.


Organise the health and blood donations campsin the deserving areas.
Start,establish,run, takeover or manage and maintain schools.
Establish the educational institutions for minorities, promote the Indo Islamic culture and prevent the bad effections of the western culture.


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